Why Trust Us?

We are the Agent You Can Trust!
Rental Property Network has the very best and most experienced Property Managers operating within this core business. We are first and foremost Rental Specialists and with this being our primary focus all our resources and attention is on managing your investment. Unlike other agencies where the Sales portion of the team is the primary focus of their office, our focus is on your rental, and managing your rental in the very best possible way. 
High Returns with reliable Tenants

At present we have zero arrears in rent. We have been advocating this as our catch cry for decades and believe fully that it is achievable in most cases with good management. We also guarantee our service with the same premise that stands for tenants. Our motto for our tenants is 'you break it you fix it' and our motto for our Property Managers is the same. We advocate no errors but if we do make one we will fix it at our cost. We feel very strongly that owners should not carry costs for Property Managers, after all we are paid to manage your property. Ask you current agent if they can provide the same guarantee!
Preferred Tenants with minimal Vacancy Periods

At Rental Property Network we feel strongly about avoiding unnecessary vacancies and we will show your property any time we can to find a suitable tenant. We work hard to develop good relationships with our tenants so that when the time comes to relet your property we have a more flexible relationship. This in turn makes securing the next tenant a smoother process. 
Landlords Paid Weekly

Save hundreds of dollars annually simply by having your rent paid to you weekly. 'Landlords paid weekly' is an incentive for RPN landlords to increase the rate of return simply by having the rent paid into the mortgage more frequently. This also ensures all your bills such as water are paid weekly.