Landlord Information

Why Have  Property Manager?
At Rental Property Network we understand that every cent counts when you purchase an investment property. This sometimes causes Investors to consider self managing the property. This can, at times, be a successful arrangement, but more often than not it results in huge challenges for investors. We urge you to at least consider professional management and it may cost less than you think. Call one of our team to discuss the benefits of appointing Rental Property Network as your managing agents. 8285 9125
Rental Property Network Property Managers act as an intermediary between our Investors and tenants. Our Property Management team is skilled in tenant selection, processing applications, and short listing your tenants. We have access to the latest tenant information on any prospective applicant and we are then able to ensure the paperwork is suitably completed. We are also able to access preferred rates for any maintenance and by appointing an agent you have access to premium Landlord Protection Insurance. When you select Rental Property Network you are comforted by the fact that we offer a 100% guarantee to all our clients.