Tenant Information

If you are moving into a rental property you will no doubt be scouring the internet for properties. 

Take a moment to consider the agency you work with also. A good Property manager will work with you to ensure the experience is a positive one. Our system means that you are always dealing with the owner of the business and you will be well looked after. 

To apply for a rental property with us is easiest on line via the 1form link on realestate.com.au

Before you sign your lease make sure you know and understand what is expected of you. 
  • You will be required to sign a lease
  • You need to notify us in writing of any prior damage to the property before moving in so you will not be held liable - you do this via the ingoing inspection sheet.
  • You will need to pay a rental bond
  • While living in the property you will need to pay the rent on time
  • You will also need to pay for any agreed outgoings such as water usage
  • You must keep the property in good order
  • At regular intervals you must provide access to the Property Manager for routine inspections
  • You must conform to local council regulations such as noise, garbage collection, etc
  • You must be respectful of others people living in the area
Get Organised. For a smooth hassle free move, take the time now to get organised.

Finding a rental property
  • Decide where you'd like to live
  • Drive around or walk the area to be sure
  • Decide on how much rent you can afford
  • Don't forget other costs like water supply and use, and also electricity
  • Plan your visits and calls to agents
  • Search realestate.com & domain for suitable properties
  • Check if pets are allowed
  • Check connections such as phone and cable, smart wiring, foxtel etc. 
  • Check access to public transport

Be a good neighbour. It's not just your Property Manager that you need to impress. 

You have an obligation not to disturb occupants of other houses in the area. If you are disruptive in any way this may result in the termination of your lease. Be considerate of other residents and make sure you behave accordingly.