Your Questions Answered

How do you go about selecting the right tenant?

Finding the right tenant for your property begins with the advertising which we discuss in more detail below. Once we have shortlisted we will provide you with a selection of prospective tenants. Ultimately the decision rests with you however we are acutely aware of the fact that your decision is solely based on the information that we provide you with. We utilise the very latest and most up to date tenant information available and take great care when screening tenants. 

Ultimately it is our experience and professional opinion that assists us in determining the short list, some tenants just make that choice more clear!

Where will you advertise my property?

Advertising your property is of paramount importance and can not be underestimated. At RPN we advertise on as a highlighted advertisement which ensures top billing per suburb. We also advertise on Domain, our facebook page, google+, our website and on several other forms of social media. 

Although the act allows us to cap this expense with a profit margin for the company we refuse to do this and charge out the advertising at what it costs the company - $99. If you are paying more than $99 then you are paying too much. Please call one of our Property Management Team and experience the difference that RPN can offer. 8285 9125

How exactly are the tenants screened?

We check tenants employment records, wages, length of employment, attitude at work and supervisors opinion. 

We also do thorough checks through all avenues available, previous landlords, other agents, even - at times, social media. We process the details through the National Tenant Database and request photographic ID.

Once we have established a tenants suitability we short list the prospective tenants for you to consider. 
How do I know you are managing my property, not just collecting rent and taking your fee?

At RPN we pride ourselves on zero rent arrears for the majority of the year. Certainly from time to time there may be some issues but Moni has been managing rental portfolios for over two decades and personally oversees the entire rental list daily. To Moni this is time well spent managing the situation before anything can progress to a more serious matter. Our tenants receive text messages and/or emails reminding them of water bills, rent or any other bills. We follow up every day, that's our idea of good management and the result for our owners is wonderful. Low vacancies, optimum rent and maximum income. 
What Insurance do I need to keep?

As an Investor you will need to maintain your building and public liabilty insurance. 
You may also wish to consider some contents depending on your individual circumstances, possibly mortgage insurance, and most definately Landlord Protection Insurance. 

We have preferred suppliers but you are free to use whoever you choose. 
What happens with general Maintenance?

In accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement both the owner and tenant are responsible for the maintenance of the property. The owner agrees to keep the property in good order and tenantable condition and the tenant agrees to maintain the property in the same way and of course in accordance with the original property condition report. Unless the situation is considered an emergency your RPN Property Manager will always contact you for all non-emergency maintenance issues.We only use certified tradesmen and we are able to provide competitive group rates. 
Who pays the council rates and water bills?

RPN is able to pay all these bills on your behalf. The owner is responsible for Water rates, Council rates, Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax. RPN will invoice the tenant the water use and supply charges. The Murray River Levy and the Sewer charge costs are paid by the Investor. 
How do I get paid?

Rental Property Network is primarily concerned with helping our clients maximise their investment. This means that our number one priority is doing everything we can to ensure - your tenancy travels smoothly, the property is well maintained and we are invoicing and paying bills on time for you. 

In addition to this we pay our Landlrods weekly. This can put hundreds of dollars per annum back into your pocket. 

What if I am not happy?

Rental Property Network offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We work tirelessly to make certain that you are more than happy with our service. Moni is available any time to discuss your Investment needs and we consider this business a large group of like minded people. We treat our clients accordingly and because our Property Managers all own a portion of this business our clients benefit from this added incentive. Our Property Managers are keen to attract more business and while things do go wrong from time to time we will always take ownership of any situation and resolve it. We consider this one of the greatest keys to our success, resolving any issue promptly and to our clients satisfaction. 

Does my property have to have smoke alarms and do you check them for me?

The Development Act 1993 requires all landlords to comply with smoke alarm legislation in all residential rental properties.

Houses built since 1 January1995 must be equipped with hard-wired smoke alarms. All other houses must be equipped with either hardwired alarms or 9V battery powered smoke alarms. From 1st February 1998 when a house with a 9 Volt battery powered smoke alarm is sold, the owner has six months to install alarms which are hard-wired or powered by 10 year life, non-replaceable, non-removable batteries.

You must ensure that all alarms are tested and serviced every year, as well as every time a change of tenancy occurs. Batteries must also be replaced immediately once they become flat and any alarms on your property must be replaced before expire.

An insurer may avoid or delay a claim arising where the insured either consciously or through ignorance fails to comply with all statutory obligations or regulations imposed by the regulatory authority. We have an independent company that can annually service your properties smoke alarms to ensure they are compliant. They will provide a compliance certificate for insurance purposes.

When do you do inspections?

At RPN we consider inspections to be fundamental to good management. We treat our tenants with respect and in compliance with the new legislation we negotiate times that are suitable with the tenants for us to attend the property. 

Prior to the tenants moving in we conduct a thorough initial inspection taking in the vicinity of 450 photos. These are all loaded to the cloud so you can view them. 

Every quarter we compare these when we conduct our routine inspections which also result in a comprehensive written report coming direct to you via the cloud. 

What should I do before the tenant moves in?

The property should be cleaned thoroughly including windows. If you prefer we can have a cleaning company take care of this for you. All appliances should be in good working order. The carpets should be professionally cleaned and again we can take care of this for you. To comply with the new legislation we need instruction booklets for all appliances which we will scan and upload to to the cloud. All gardens and lawns should be mowed, weeded and trimmed. Driveways and paths should be free from oil and stains. Smoke alarms need to be checked for compliance, and utilities such as gas, electricity, phone and internet should be disconnected. 

If you require assistance with any of this please contact your RPN Property Manager for assistance and advise. 
What Systems do you have in place to manage my property?

RPN'S unique system operates for the benefit of Investors, Tenants and Property Managers. Our unique office concept provides a comfortable working environment and favourable working conditions. Property Management can be stressful and requires long hours and a high degree of care. By changing the landscape of rental management we have been able to provide our Property Managers with the best situation, flexibility, independence and a higher income. This in turn provides our Investors with consistent management - no staff changes, a more thorough approach, and maximum returns.  
How long is a standard Lease?

Here in South Australia a lease is normally six or twelve months, however, at RPN we will assist you to ensure maximum rental yield per annum. This may mean a 13 month lease to move into a more suitable rental period the next time we are letting your property or a shorter time frame for exceptional tenants. We can guide you with every step.
Do I really Need a Property Manager?

You are not required to engage a Professional Property Manager, by any means. You are however bound by the same legislation as a professional - with some ammendments to time frames. Provided you adhere strictly to the legislation you are able to manage the property independently. It is my experience that in most cases this is not always the best course of action. More often than not issues arise, and in many cases these relate to the screening of tenants. Call one of our team and we can guide you through this process. 8285 9125